Appointment scheduling information

Booking your online appointment is a quick and easy process, as long as we understand how it works. The tips below will help make this process as smooth as possible.

If I see this, which one do I choose?

The minimum time we need for a remote start install is 3 hours. However we have 2 options. Often times if you can leave your car for the whole day, we can get it in at a sooner date. So if you are flexible, and are able to leave it for the day, check that option. It may have a sooner date than a 3 hour appointment, but not always. So checking both works best.



If I see this, which one do I choose?



 You can select either service provider, however they will have different appointment openings. So if you find the perfect time slot on the first one, great. If you want to check the other provider, there may be a better day for you. So checking both works best.



What if I dont have a PayPal or Venmo account?



No problem! If you want to pay your deposit with a credit card number, you will want to click the "pay with PayPal" button. Then on the next page, there is an option to enter in your credit card number.