Giving a gift from Twin Cities Auto Spot


If a loved one in your life came to mind while on our site, giving them that gift is as easy as a few clicks!


For remote car starters given as gifts, the entire cost of the product & install will be taken care of by the giver. If you prefer to give a gift certificate in a specific dollar amount,click here
The gift giver has multiple options for receiving the product to give to their loved one.


For gift cards, they can be purchased online, or in store. Online, you will be emailed your gift cards. You can print, screen-shot, email, or even text them to your loved one. In store, you will be given a printed gift certificate.


Entire remote start systems/installs, can be purcased online, or in store. Online, you can click "give as a gift" on the product page, and you can checkout online. We can email you a page to print, or email, to give to your loved one. In store, you can stop by to pay for the job, and take a gift box, or the actual remote start box to wrap up. 

Once you give your loved one the amazing gift of a remote car starter, they can contact us for scheduling an appointment for the installation. If the recipient visits our website or store, and decides to choose a product other than what the giver chose, they can choose a different product and pay the difference in cost (if any)