Remote Car Starters & Security

Pricing information

We appreciate that you found this webpage, it shows that you are attempting to be an educated consumer! Well done.

A price quote from one shop to another, may NOT be apples to apples.

We are upfront and honest with our pricing. Some shops will actually take remotes and or smartphone control modules out of a product kit, slightly lower the price, and charge much more to "add-on" these parts... and they are intended to be included in the kit.   Also, other features of the remote starter, that are included in our pricing, are "add-ons" such as bypass modules, keyless entry (lock/unlock) and trunk pop.

So a price quote for a "Compustar Prime R3" may be 2 very different things, depending on who you are talking to. 


What Is Included in our pricing?
  • Factory security interface module, or "bypass module"
  • All remotes and/or smartphone control parts, that are described & pictured on our product webpages
  • Standard installation: remote start OR security
  • Keyless entry, trunk pop (if vehicle is equipped)
  • Lifetime guarantee on hardware, and installation labor

Most of today's vehicles require a factory security interface module, or bypass module. This allows us to interface with your vehicles factory anti-theft system. Without these, we would not be able to remote start your car! 

What Is NOT Included in our pricing?
  • Upgrade features
  • $10.50 shop supply fee
  • MN state sales tax

As previously mentioned, Manual transmission & European vehicles will require additional labor costs.

Upgrade features that are not included in our standard installation, would be : Rear defrost activation ($50), heated seat activation ($75), anti-grind ($25), remote control power window roll up/down, etc. These features are available at additional costs. Be sure to check with us for a quote.

The $10.50 shop supply fee, covers costs involved for the install process. Electrical tape, zip-ties, solder, relays, resistors, diodes, and more. We use high quality supplies, so your install will last. Check out this quick video on more info about our install supplies