Twin Cities Auto Spot gift card

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Twin Cities Auto Spot gift card

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Giving a gift from Twin Cities Auto Spot can be done 2 different ways. With a gift certificate (worth a specific dollar amount), which is done here. Or you can purchase an entire remote starter (with all parts, labor, taxes, etc). If you would prefer to give an entire remote starter, there are links to do so on each product page. 


If you would like to give a gift certificate, you can purchase them here and you will be sent an online gift certificate that you can print, screen shot, or even text (whenever you want) to your loved one. You can also stop by our store to pick up a physical gift certificate if you prefer.

You can purchase multiple cards to get to the dollar amount you prefer. For example, if you wanted to give a gift card of $350, you can add (1) $250 card, and (1) $100 card into your cart. Be sure to reach out to us, with any questions.