Moto Stage 3

.  We have packages to make things simpler, if you would like a quote for a custom package for your bike, contact us and we can help.
Our Harley Davidson stage 3 audio system, is basically stage 1 with saddlebag midwoofers, and an extra amp to run them.  All equipment is easily hidden, and mounted solidly in the front fairing.
Stage 3 includes:
- (1) Pair Ground Zero GZCF 6.5SPL speakers, mounted in the front fairing.
These speakers are designed for bikes. Weatherproof, and LOUD
(2) GroundZero Competition 10" midwoofers
Each saddlebag will get a 10" midwoofer. This dramatically increases the midbass and volume of the system. There is still a bit of storage space in the bag, with the speakers installed.
- (2) SounDigital 400.4 EVOX, 400 watt "mini" amplifiers
One amplifier runs the front speakers, the other runs the midwoofers. SounDigital amps are perfect for bikes. Small enough to hide in the fairing, and TONS of power
- An HKI Mini DSP
With an equalizer, crossovers, and time alignment, we can get the speakers to sound as good as possible
-All wiring, cables, adapters, brackets and installation labor
We use Stinger wiring, and high quality install parts to make sure your install lasts