Moto Stage 4

.  We have packages to make things simpler, if you would like a quote for a custom package for your bike, contact us and we can help.
Our Harley Davidson stage 4 audio system, is basically stage 3 with another pair of speakers, and twice the power.  All equipment is easily hidden, and mounted solidly in the front fairing and saddlebags.
*If your bike has a standard battery, we recommend upgrading to a Stinger AGM battery (price not included in package)
Stage 3 includes:
- (2) Pairs Ground Zero GZCF 6.5SPL speakers, mounted in the front fairing, and lower fairing 
These speakers are designed for bikes. Weatherproof, and LOUD
*lower fairing or saddlebag lids are not included in this price
(2) GroundZero Competition 10" midwoofers
Each saddlebag will get a 10" midwoofer. This dramatically increases the midbass and volume of the system. There is still a bit of storage space in the bag, with the speakers installed.
- (2) SounDigital 800.4 amplifiers
One amplifier runs the speakers, the other runs the midwoofers. SounDigital amps are perfect for bikes. Small enough to hide in the fairing, and TONS of power
- An HKI Mini DSP
With an equalizer, crossovers, and time alignment, we can get the speakers to sound as good as possible
-All wiring, cables, adapters, brackets and installation labor
We use Stinger wiring, and high quality install parts to make sure your install lasts