Remote car starters

Remote car starters are our #1 specialty, here at Twin Cities Auto Spot. Every car that comes in to us, is in good hands. We take pride on our installation execution, the products we provide, our customer service, and even down to the quality of the install supplies we use. We want your remote start to last as long as you own the vehicle.



Below are links to our remote start brands. All the pricing you will see, includes standard installation labor (this will apply for most vehicles) and all parts. There is a small $7.50 shop supply fee, and sales tax on top of these.

Browse around and be sure to shoot us a message if you have any questions



Compustar makes the best, most reliable remote starters on the market. Period. They are our #1 go-to brand, and our favorite. If you do not want smartphone control, but still a 2-way remote, be sure to check out our NuStart products below.



 NuStart is a sister company of Compustar, made by the same great people. The difference is, Compustar 2-way systems give you smartphone control. NuStart gives you a second backup remote, at a lower cost. Check em out