JBL - DSP4086


JBL - DSP4086

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This amp has quickly become one of our absolute favorites. Especially since the price is extremely reasonable for what it is. 


This bad boy has 8 channels of output, at 40 watts RMS per channel. It also has a built in DSP!


If we run component sets actively (no passive crossovers) we can get each of the tweeters 40 watts... each midrange 40 watts... each midbass 40 watts... as you can see, when we are dedicating each channel to its own speaker, it can be very effective.


The DSP allows us to tie into todays factory (or aftermarket) head units with ease. If a radio has an odd EQ curve, it can mean big trouble... but not with a DSP. Our final result is extremely consistent with these amplifiers. Consistently awesome.