AudioControl Three.2

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AudioControl Three.2

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The Three.2 is an in-dash, 1/2 DIN equalizer and line driver. You may have seen other units that look similar to this... but the Three.2 is the highest quality product like this, on the market. The line driver portion of this unit will get your amplifiers sounding better, and the controls give you lots of control within reach, at the turn of a dial. Bass, mid, & treble... but also has a subwoofer volume knob, main volume level, and a parametric bass EQ (ParaBASS) so you can dial in your bass boost for your woofers, to a partiular bass note!


Ever notice how one song may sound great, but the next is a little different? Whether its the treble, mid, or bass? With the Three.2 you dont have to go digging into the menu of your radio, heck you dont even have to take your eyes off the road!


This also has 2 AUX inputs, so this unit could even serve as a head unit for a classic car, golf cart, side by side, or anything else. Bluetooth right in, and you have a volume knob, and some great audio adjustments right on the unit