Compustar Drone Mobile (no remotes)


Compustar Drone Mobile (no remotes)

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*Small service fees apply for smartphone control, click for details.

If you like the idea of the Drone Mobile smartphone control, but dont care for an extra remote... this package is for you.

 In most vehicles, we can get the remote start to be triggered by your factory key fob, by pressing the lock button, 3 times. This will have a limited range (a couple hundred feet) but is a secondary way to remote start your vehcile.

 The Drone Mobile can remote start your car from anywhere, via the smartphone app.


*this package comes with a Compustar remote start system, interface module, install labor, as well as the Drone Mobile module.


Price listed includes standard installation labor, and all modules/hardware for most vehicles. In addition to the price listed is a $10.50 shop supply fee, and MN state sales tax.



Click here for more info on giving a remote starter as a gift