Compustar Pro T13


Compustar Pro T13

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*Small subscription fees apply for smartphone control, click for details.


If you are looking for the worlds BEST remote starter... Here it is. The Compustar T13! The Color LCD remote features up to 3 miles of range, a re-chargeable internal battery, IPX-7 rated waterproofing, optional proximity unlock, internal vehicle temperature feedback... Whoa. The T13 also comes with Drone Mobile smartphone control, AND a 2-way 1 button 2 mile range secondary remote too! Pro series remotes have a 3 year warranty, and a lifetime on install & control module. 


 *A $50 discount can be applied if you do not want smartphone control


Price listed includes standard installation labor, and all modules/hardware for most vehicles. In addition to the price listed is a $10.50 shop supply fee, and MN state sales tax.


Click here for more info on giving a remote starter as a gift